ICT Guideline Our Clients About Us Business Plan Assessment Form Processing Roadmap
ICT Guideline Our Clients About Us Business Plan Assessment Form Processing Roadmap
ICT Guideline Our Clients About Us Business Plan Assessment Form Processing Roadmap


Work permit & its unique features

Intra-company transferees work permit is one subcategory of the International Mobility Program which allows permits international companies to temporarily transfer qualified employees to Canada to improve management effectiveness, expand Canadian exports, and enhance competitiveness in overseas markets under R205(a) or exemption code C12 (Canadian interests – Significant benefit). This applies to foreign nationals from any country including Iran or any other country where they are not even a member of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS).

Having faster work permit application processing is one best features of this program. Considering qualified intra-company transferees are exempted from the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and are eligible to apply for a work permit under the Global Skills Strategy (GSS) which features faster application processing times (two weeks)

The permanent Residency pathway is another important feature of this category. Foreign workers coming to Canada under work permits can apply for PR for themself and their accompanying family members under Canadian Experience Class as well as Federal Skilled Workers via Express Entry System. Their employment arrangements will provide them with 50 to 200 additional points under Express Entry System.  

In terms of eligibility criteria two main elements are (a) qualifying relationship between the Canadian and foreign employer or business; (b) qualifying relationship between the employer or the business and the foreign worker.

Other advantages of this work permit are the eligibility of applying for an Open Work Permit of the worker’s spouse, free education of the worker’s children, use of Canada’s free healthcare benefits, and no English or French language tests requirements, no undertaking for the employer or the business to operate the business in the certain province or does investment or hire Canadian citizens or residents in terms of job creation.  

  • Generally, the company must secure physical premises to house the Canadian operation, particularly in the case of specialized knowledge. However, in specific cases involving senior managers or executives, it would be acceptable that the address of the new start-up not yet be secured; for example, the company may use its counsel’s address until the executive can purchase or lease a premise.
  • The company must furnish realistic plans to staff the new operation.
  • The company must have the financial ability to commence business in Canada and compensate employees.
  • When transferring executives or managers, the company must
    • demonstrate that it will be large enough to support executive or management function.
  • When transferring a specialized knowledge worker, the company must
    • demonstrate that it is expected to be doing business;
    • ensure that work is guided and directed by management at the Canadian operation.
  • Initial work permit: one year
  • For renewals, evidence should be provided that
    • the Canadian and foreign companies still have a qualifying relationship.
    • the new office has engaged in the continuous provision of goods or services for the past year.
    • the new office has been staffed.

Advantages of ICT Program

Success rate

In YLG, our ICT program application success rate is 95%.

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